FitPath is a mobile application designed for Android devices. FitPath connects with 3rd party sensors - specifically BodyMedia's bluetooth armband and a wireless scale made by Withings and integrates that data to help users manage their physical activity and fitness goals.

This app was created in collaboration with the Quality of Life Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon and with two faculty mentors: Dr. Dan Siewiorek and Dr. Asim Smailagic.


Lead Developer and Designer

System Architecture

The FitPath app is designed to integrate with external sensors that have collected health and fitness data about the user. This diagram illustrates how the data collected by these sensors is captured and integrated into the application.

The BodyMedia armband is used to record the number of steps taken by the user. It also collects data about physical activity data throughout the day and sleep habits. This data can be transmitted to the BodyMedia servers via USB cable or Bluetooth and is then accessed through BodyMedia's API.

The WiThings scale records a user's weight and transmits it wirelessly to Withing's servers, which can be accessed through their API. The scale can be configured to track multiple users.

Finally, the eWatch is designed to count the number of bites a user takes while eating, giving the wearer a rough estimate of the number of calories they've consumed. Users can use the FitPath app to record this data. This watch was developed by the Quality of Life Technology Center and researchers at the center are currently developing the algorithms used to sense the number of bites taken by the user.

Prototype Development

Screen Shots

In Use