This project explores how digital information is changing the processes by which some people find love. For this project, I extended that idea by drawing from personalization and adaptive systems. This work was inspired by the popularity of online dating sites like Match.com and OKCupid and was completed during the Spring semester of 2013 for a Aisling Kelliher's class on Speculative Design.


Icons from The Noun Project

This design concept is based around an extension of how dating and digital information work today. The premise is that, in the future, instead of going on a traditional first date, two people will instead watch a movie that depicts the life they would have together. The document at the right is the receipt one of these people would recieve after the movie was over.

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Though the ticket is displayed over to the right, it's really best viewed in print and/or as a pdf. View (and maybe print) by clicking here.
The Ticket